The 4 pillars for an inner re-programming

Beforehand : Implementing the new “4 pillars practice” in an innovative manner will consist into a subtle blending of determinism and surrender

1. Observing

From the neutral position of the Purusha observer, noticing without judgment, understanding the functioning of your mind. Observing settles a natural step-back position, since it is impossible to observe and think simultaneously. Allowing yourself to stop and observe what is happening within you, implements gradually a subconscious invitation, which will afterward provoke the exercise effortless.

2. Identifying

Starting a process of inner assessment of our natural ways of thinking, and the origins and frequency and organization of the different kind of thoughts (or insights, or intuitions), while the eventual involvements of the heart and/or body, in terms of comfort or discomfort.

3. Discriminating

Find out with what is relevant to preserve or enhance from what needs to be transformed, according to the whole sadhana in general and the specific aims that may be fulfilled at that time of one’s journey. Be cautious to not replace one habit by another which is not relevant, and that will have to be transformed again later. After selecting, starting to implement a new behavior by fostering some thoughts and rejecting others

4. Practicing

After having identified patterns that may take more time than others, using a time-period related to specific programs and practice enough time to implement new habits and patterns, while using specific tools. Be patient, indulgent and perseverant. Introduce an acute blend of surrender and determination should be the key of the achievement. Customize one’practice by a constant and deeper knowledge of both the human nature in general and one’s specificities in particular.