Heal depression and mental disorders

Purpose of BEING

Heal depression and mental disorders with Spiritual Hypnosis and NLP. BEING’s purpose and aim are to offer knowledge and tools on how to behave innovatively towards one another, under the light of Sri Aurobindo and Mothers’ teachings.
The origins of the project are to be found in a 10-year successful practice of Hypnosis and NLP, followed by a comprehension of inner re-programming processes, mainly related to faith and self-commitment to find one’s inner truth.
Under this highlight, most of the ‘mental disorders’ so-called by the traditional occidental medicine, may be understood from a new perspective and possibly be helped with new therapeutic tools.
The bridge between science and spirituality will naturally be reinforced and revealed in every little detail of one’s daily life, through a constant joy of discovering.
In this website, you will find practical information and tools, attempts to clarify some mental challenges under spiritual light, and connections with Sri Aurobindo and Mother’s teachings.
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BEING, BEhaving INnovatively and Generate

First is to reveal the “Purusha” (the neutral Witness, according to Sri Aurobindo’s teachings) by an insight that will start the conscious path by establishing a before and a after.
Then a regular cycle of day and night could unfold with general features to be defined.
How to start behaving in an innovative way in all acts and fields?
How to be aware of thoughts, emotions and bodily sensations, noticing the way they relate to each other, and noticing the empowering of the daily practice?
How to bring awareness to the moment, in order to stretch the time, bringing the possibility to welcome a wider range of information?
How to be attentive to little details, reaching the underlying “Divine Organization”?
How to practice the 4 pillars of the Re-Programming?

Sri Aurobindo

The Intuitive Mind in the Yoga of Self-Perfection

Enhancing the Intuitive Mind as the natural bridge between ordinary mind and supramental, implementing the two necessary first lines of progress that must be followed. Then, becoming physically conscious of the presence and the location of the Intuitive Mind, while dealing smartly with the necessary gravitation downward and upward.

Mira Alfassa - The Mother

The Mother’s advice

“You will need much endurance, much perseverance and courage and an untiring goodwill. Look and see if you are capable of having all this, and then start. But once you have started, its is finished, there is no going back anymore, you must go to the very end.”