Hypnosis, NLP and Spiritual Hypnosis

Hypnosis & NLP are powerful therapeutic tools that offers possibilities to change. It is part of the short-term therapies as its goal is not to find the source of a problem but to provide the tools to transform it. Often, a few individual sessions are enough.
A session has a multitude of benefits:

  • Dissociation subject / object, which introduce comfort and confidence and reduce psychologic suffering
  • The setup of tools providing change
  • A new way of sense of time
  • A sensation of refreshment and mental cleansing
  • Creation of an opening for new life possibilities and understanding
  • Etc.

The practice

It happens that a person is in desire to change but feels somehow blocked or experiences certain behavioural disorders of which s/he ignores its origin.

These disorders are created by the differences in nature and strategy of the 2 parts that make up the individual: the conscious part and the subconscious part (I will not go further into details of the various conscious and subconscious layers of the human being).

The conscious part absorbs about 2000 bits of information per instant, giving information on its body and its environment. The conscious uses 5 tools + 1, which are the 5 senses and the mind, to understand its environment.

The conscious cannot focus its attention on 2 objects at the same time, as the cognitive part of choice is binary. When one focuses his attention on what s/he sees, s/he closes unconsciously the hearing sense. When focusing on a thought, s/he unconsciously stop seeing, hearing or sensing. One is putting oneself on “Autopilot” and the subconscious is taking over the guidance. The conscious is permanently updating the new information in a way that it not always aware of change. The conscious conceptualises, it transforms abstract things into mental ideas, it establishes boundaries in its environment and reduces its choice of action as of what it “thinks” or “knows” being capable of.

The main objective of the subconscious is the individual’s security. The subconscious has the mental age of a 6-year-old child and is always 1⁄2 a second ahead of the conscious mind. It has the capacity of absorbing information of several millions of bits per instant. The subconscious is the memory of everything that has ever happened in one’s life, what one has done or could have done. It has no conceptual limit, everything is possible. We speak about an ocean of possibilities. One can compare the subconscious to a programmed machine. Once a program goes on, it always acts in the same manner. We then need to modify the program for that the individual gains back a new liberty in his actions.

Past the age of 40, without any personal self-development, one has established itself with 90% automated subconscious programs. One will always respond in the same manner to a same trigger.

About Spiritual Hypnosis

Spiritual Hypnosis addresses mental issues from a spiritual point of view and provides specific tools to reconcile subconscious and conscious minds from the perspective of the neutral Purusha and the Psychic Being. From that perspective, a mental issue or behavioral disorder, as tackled above, of which one may ignore its origin, might be highlighted by relevant esoteric knowledge provided by Sri Aurobindo and Mother’s teachings. Using Spiritual Hypnosis, the Soul or the Psychic Being becomes capable of taking profit from both sides of the human organism, conscious and subconscious. The practical existence starts to match the life-path initially planned. With Spiritual Hypnosis, every little detail of one’s life becomes significant and meaningful, revealing the underlying Divine organization that maintains everything in harmony. The simple joy to be alive irradiates from every particular act of the daily routine, while the individual becomes a living invitation for those around, to do the journey at their end.