Most of us are still uncapable to distinguish permanently the mind from the brain. This mistake leads us to self-appropriate everything that happens in our existence, and to create our reality with constant separateness, discriminating things into 2 possibilities: us and everything which is not us.

Of course, we may have already, possibly frequently, experienced this mental distinction, on the occasion of fear, confusion, an unexpected event, that led us to be “beside ourselves” for a short while, reaching some state of consciousness that was previously unknown. Afterwards, probably very soon, we have merged back to our old comfortable ego-addiction. However, these backs and forth happen mostly unconsciously. Whenever we will consider our brain as the tool it is, with some very well-known features, we will become capable to refer to it, as a mechanism. This comprehension will enable us to foresee and neutralize a lot of inappropriate consequences and/or suffering.

Metacognition is basically “cognition above cognition”, meaning, having a mental awareness of our own mental processes, or “thinking about one’s own thoughts”. In other words, metacognition is being aware of thinking while thinking. Metacognition is witnessing one’s own thoughts. Who could be the witness, but the Purusha?

To that extent, metacognition is not, so to say, a mental disorder, but contains a lot of possibilities and threats, one as huge as the other. Possibilities of increasing this distinction of the mind and the brain, consciousness and mechanisms, Purusha and ego. Threats for possible mental disorders, confusion and misunderstanding, or misuse (see Spiritual Ego).

On the spiritual path, the more the consciousness increases, and the possibilities unfold, the bigger the dangers may possibly appear, simultaneously and consequently to the appearance of the possibilities. That is definitively good news for the ones who are facing mental disorders. This reality makes sense once we understand that gaining knowledge and abilities compels us to live with and of this knowledge and these abilities.

Having an insight establishes a “before and after”, new neuronal connections within our brain that create a new reality. A fact is truth, because whenever a fact happens, one can never pretend that it has not happened or is false. The main great benefit of the truth as a fact, is that this fact can never be denied. Acknowledging the neutral powerful Purusha is a prerequisite fact and a truth, that forces us to take Him under consideration, in order to go further. Gaining knowledge and skills on the spiritual path will threaten us to encounter more dangers and/or failures, thus, will require more vigilance and clarity; more metacognition; more connection and intimacy with our Purusha.

Our Purusha is definitely our best help on the path, and metacognition is the right tool to reach Him.

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