Hypnosis is useful for kids as well. Hereafter is a session of hypnosis for a 7-year old boy, suffering of anxiety and lack of self-confidence. The hypnotherapist chooses the storytelling practice, because kids may be suggestible differently than adults. The story will relate to the environment of the child (best games, hobbies, etc.) and the kid is supposed to remain eyes closed, listening to the story without any additional specific request.

This story of Scoubidou contains a story into the story. The few words which are in italic and bold are pronounced differently (tone, speed, volume, other possible mean but the same all along) during the storytelling so that the kid’s subconscious mind (only) understands that there is a slight difference, thus becomes capable to align words one after the other, creating another story into the initial story. This story brought great changes in the kid’s life.

“ The story I’m going to tell you is a true story, although it may seem a little surprising when you hear it, and even if I haven’t met all of the characters in it. The children I know would love to have such an adventure, and I think many dads and moms too. Finally, it does not matter to us whether this story is a dream that a child had, or whether it is a part of his imagination, or whether this story is true as life can be a dream and dreams are sometimes so real in a child that they look like life, isn’t? So that it is sometimes not so easy to distinguish them. But listen instead.

One fall evening, a seven-year-old boy, about your age, finds himself alone in his room leafing through a book of stories. He sees again the images of a story that his dad has just finished telling him, like every night before falling asleep. Maybe he’s looking for things he didn’t understand, or maybe he’s just going back into history before falling asleep.

He likes these moments with his dad in the evening in his room before falling asleep. Sometimes his little sister is there with them and they play before the story, but more often he stays alone with his dad and these are the moments he prefers the most. Sometimes, his dad reads them in the morning before leaving for work or in the evening before the boy falls asleep, calmly, he sometimes reads them while taking the book with the left hand or the right hand.

So, sometimes, the young boy no longer knows if he is reassured or if he is stressed, if he has confidence in the night or the day that will soon arrive if it is a dream or reality, and he likes to be alone after his dad is gone, to take stock of all that sensations, calm down, reassure himself and continue the story in his head, in his room he knows well, in the company of his favorite comforters and tops.

After his father is gone, he stays in his bed, he hears his mom and dad talking together, he also hears his little sister who asks for hugs and attention, as he himself asked when he was smaller. He loves his little sister very much. Then he focuses on the book and the story.

This very special evening, the story his father has just read to him tells the adventures of Scoubidou and his gang, her name is: “Scoubidou and the magic Beyblade tops”. During this story, the four friends of Scoubidou, Sammy, Fred, Vera and Daphne find a chest full of treasures, among which a bag of spinning tops which a priori has nothing of a treasure, and therefore has nothing to do in the trunk also full of silver and gold coins, but which throughout the story will prove their skills to the five friends to get out of this adventure.

The boy flips through the pages looking at pictures. When he turns the page, his gaze turns to the next image and, spontaneously, he finds everything that his father has told him. He even seems to hear his father’s words ringing in his ears, as if he were always near him.

He has been closing his eyes for a few seconds when he hears curious sounds in his head or in the bedroom; galloping noises and shouts. At the same time, unknown images appear behind his closed eyelids, odd shapes and colors, for a moment he thinks he hears the very special voice of Scoubidou, he even has the impression of feeling the rustling of the dog’s hair on his open hand, as if stroking it, while the canine hero disappears in a corner of his eyes.

Surprised, he suddenly opens his eyes and finds himself instantly in his room, on his bed, the book open on his knees, on the page he left before. In the house, calm reigns, and great peace, he hears nothing, his little sister must be sleeping now, and his parents may be reading a book in the living room or in their bedroom.

In any case, nothing to do with the unrest that reigned around him when he closed his eyes: the five companions who gallop, chased by the bad guys disguised as ghosts, the cries of Scoubidou who passed by a huge sandwich without seeing it, the metallic noises of the tops activated by thieves.

On his knees, the book has not moved, it is open on the same page as earlier. He may have dozed off for a few minutes, or he may have dreamed for a few moments, sometimes this happens to him when he falls asleep just after reading a particularly interesting book.

However, a small voice in his heart tells him that he has not slept, that he has just had an extraordinary experience. Curious and fearless, he decides to repeat the experience. He settles down comfortably on his pillow, adjusts the book on his lap and fixes your attention on the image on the right page of the book.

It represents a scene of struggle between heroes and thieves who use Beyblade tops to move. In the present, Sammy has a lot to do to get out of great danger and Scoubidou is too far to help him, even with his feet which swirl at high speed. Vera and Daphne are hiding behind a chest and waiting for calm to return. The thieves surround Sammy, with a spinning top spinning under each of them. Suddenly, the chest behind which the girls are hidden opens wide, discovering another ghost who sets off in pursuit of Fred. Fortunately, the trunk lid folded over the girls and continued to hide them from the thieves. They let a few moments pass and Daphne and Vera get up, go around the trunk and look inside. It is full of banknotes, jewelry and tops inlaid with diamonds and precious stones. They look like the tops the boy plays with at school.

Suddenly, a particularly mischievous ghost steps behind Sammy and prepares to catch him. How to help Sammy, to warn him of the danger that awaits him, because Scoubidou is still too far?

The boy closes his eyes to focus and find a solution, imagine a way to help his hero. As soon as he starts to close his eyes, he finds himself in the middle of the fight scene, right next to Sammy. He has changed his pajamas for a new one, and he has a large top in his right hand. He looks further and sees Scoubidou who arrives at the speed of lightning in their direction.

“Behind you, Sammy, watch out!”, shouts the little boy to him, activating the big top and throwing it in the direction of the ghost. The spinning top sucks the ghost’s sheet in its course and spins it like in a washing machine.

“Thank you, Buddy, you just saved my life,” Sammy said to him, raising his thumb in a gesture of victory.

The young boy’s intervention completely changes the face of this scuffle scene, as if he’s simply helped decisively with his heroes. He becomes very proud to be here and he takes the opportunity to give a few more tips:

“Hey, my friend Sammy, I know this kind of top, I have the same in my room; just drop a button on the right side and they’ll stop rolling! “

The thieves and the ghosts, many of whom are already on the ground now, tied up among themselves, look at the young boy with anger, because they understand that they have been discovered and that their whole plan is falling apart.

“But who is this boy we don’t know? Is he part of your gang, Sammy? “

The four heroes followed by Scoubidou approach him and look at him with admiration and envy.

“You fought well, my young friend! Thank you ! Where do you come from?

Scoubidou approaches and puts his big dough on his shoulder. I don’t know you, what city do you come from? “

“I come from a book,” replied the young boy.

Fred, who has joined them, takes a look behind him to make sure the prisoners are well tied. Then he intervenes.

“A book, did you say? What book is it? “

“His name is: Scoubidou and the magic Beyblade tops. “

The four friends look at Scoubidou who still has his paw on the boy’s shoulder, while the ghosts laugh and laugh at each other.

“Silence you guys! Shout Vera and Daphne with one voice. Then Vera continues: “Do not forget that it is thanks to this young man that you are now our prisoners! So show him a little more respect or we’ll kick your ass again!

The thieves look at each other and lower their heads. The five heroes turn to the young boy and this time it’s Sammy who speaks: “Well boy, can we call you next time if we need you? “

“Of course you are my favorite heroes, call me when you want! “

The young boy leaves his friends then closes his eyes. Right now, he finds himself on his bed in the bedroom. He is so happy to have lived this adventure, to come back alive and especially to know the way to find his new friends.

And you, do you know how to find the friends of your stories?

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