Spiritual Ego

“It seems that there is an ego in each state of consciousness; for example: mental ego, vital ego, physical ego. There is also a spiritual ego, and even the gods who live in the Overmind have their egos. And each one must be freed from his ego in order to attain the divine bliss. It is not enough to surrender; the ego must be dissolved, must merge with the Divine, disappear in Him.” Complete Words of the Mother – 12 July 1934.

The Spiritual ego is the ego’s highest form. Once we reach a higher state of consciousness, even temporary, in some kind of back and forth, we have reached our Spiritual ego as well. Once we speak beautifully and meaningfully, using a profound knowledge and quotes from Masters, we have reached our Spiritual ego. Sometimes, when we experience anger rising within us and that we master with perseverance, squeezing the jaws, we have as well reached our Spiritual ego. We may also probably have experienced siddhis, or “so called”, that testify that our subtle senses are well developed, we may think that we have achieved a great part of our sadhana. Still we are with our spiritual ego.

Nevertheless, until the ego has vanished for good, the spiritual ego remains, mingled and squatted within us, distinguishable very difficultly from the lower ego. In fact, it is the same, but much smarter, perverse and unwilling to disappear.

“The spiritual ego is the worst of all, for it is altogether unconscious of its inferiority, it is convinced it is something very superior, if not absolutely divine!” CWM, 26 April 1951

Spiritual ego threatens us at any step on our spiritual path. The more we progress, the more we experience insights, reach higher state of consciousness, we experience new states of joy and bliss. We may also experience new skills and capacities, expected or unexpected siddhis. We may reach outcomes and gain new powers by dealing with life, the nature and the other human beings. But who is actually experiencing? The Psychic Being or the spiritual ego?

“There are people who have made a great effort to overcome all their egoism and all their limitations, and attained a spiritual consciousness; and there, they have all the vanity and the sense of their importance and contempt for those who are not in the same condition as they. Indeed, all that is ridiculous and bad in the ego, they find there once again. There are many, many like that. They have overcome what was there in the physical or vital consciousness but the very effort they have made to master themselves and this victory they have gained give them the sense of their extreme importance. So they become puffed up and assert their authority. This happens so frequently that it is not even noticed. [p.382]

Unless the ego has dissolved in the Divine, it remains. Be it lighter or more subtle, it is still the ego, completely us! Therefore, as it may implement more spiritual abilities and higher states of consciousness, it also becomes more perverse and dangerous.

“Q: Then, Sweet Mother, with the ego can one realise the Divine? R: Not at the moment one unites with Him. It is evident that at that moment the ego disappears. But that state does not last. Or in any case we can put it in another way: those who have brought along their ego with them cannot keep the consciousness for long. They become aware of themselves again whilst
having the experience. It is that which is most terrible. They look at themselves having the experience and admire themselves. And they feel they are exceptional beings, much higher than others, and then that becomes deplorable.”

“Q: Still, the spiritual ego is better than the ordinary ego, isn’t it? R: It is much more dangerous than the ordinary one! For one is not aware that it is the ego. Outwardly, when one is egoistic, not only does one know it oneself, but others make you realize it still more, and circumstances prove it to you every moment. But there, as unfortunately you meet people who respect you
highly, you are not even aware that you are terribly egoistic. Very dangerous. Spiritual vanity is much more serious than physical vanity”. [p.383]

“To get over our ego is not an easy task. Even after overcoming it in the material consciousness, we meet it once more – magnified – in the spiritual.” CWM Vol. 14, p. 258

Is this reality related to the meeting with our gatekeeper, which is described in the Christian esoterism? If yes, one should be cautious and well-armed by the Divine, because this encounter is always described as immense and very dangerous for one’s mental health.

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