BEING, BEhaving INnovatively and Generate

First is to reveal the “Purusha Witness” by an insight that will start the conscious path by establishing a
before and a after.
Then, a regular practice could unfold with some following general features:

  • How to behave in an innovative way in all acts and fields?
  • How to enhance kindness without expecting any return, rather as an empowering invisible tool?
  • How to be aware of the power of thoughts?
  • How to notice the way thoughts relate to emotions and body?
  • How to be curious and allow surprises to happen?
  • How to understand to which extend bringing awareness to the moment stretches time and gives the possibility to welcome a wider range of information?
  • How to be attentive to details that reveal the underlying “Divine Organization”?
  • How mood creates reality?
  • How to distinguish the different realities (mental or factual)?
  • How to practice the 4 pillars of the Re-Programming?

Define how your day will unfold (to be customized) :

  • When you wake up, take time to:
    • Try to catch anything from your dreams, giving the possibility to recall
    • Assess your mood, eventually correct it (see techniques) and re-affirm your commitment of life as a mantra/prayer
  • During the day, be aware of:
    • While being spontaneous, distinguish your intuition from your reaction (see technique)
    • Give each person you may be in contact with your full attention with neutrality and awareness
    • Daily re-programing practice with the 4 pillars
  • When going to sleep:
    • Assess the quality of the day in neutrality
    • Evening prayer for re-programing your subconscious mind


  • The unfolding of the spiritual path (sadhana) will endlessly reveal new obstacles and/or difficulties, while bringing back patterns that we could have thought we are rid of. Thus, one should understand that the raising of difficulties 1/ indicates your advance on your spiritual path 2/ brings the capacity to handle them.