• One to one session: One to one sessions can happen in Auroville or elsewhere. Please, use the page contact for further inquiries. Usually, depending on the topic, 1 to 3 x 1-hour sessions are enough. Then, a “coaching” process in the practice may be required. The first session is mainly meant to address the concern in an innovative spiritual way, then to give knowledge about the basics of the healing process. Afterward, hypnotic exercises generally follow. The acknowledgment of the “Purusha Witness” leads to a significant insight, which is the 1st concrete step for anyone to behave innovatively towards one another.

  • Skype / WA meetings: To start a healing process, a physical meeting is valuable but not compulsory, depending on the topic and of one’s background. The frame of a Skype or WhatsApp session is similar to a physical meeting. A 20-minute anamnesis followed by a hypnotic session. Is required a quiet and silent environment.