Groups & Companies

  1. Conferences: Explaining the basics of BEING and of Spiritual Hypnosis may happen during a 3-hour conference on your site or on a dedicated one. These events are available upon request.
  2. Training: Several levels of training are proposed, while customized ones may be created following prerequisite requests of needs from your side. The basics trainings are the following:

  • Training “Spiritual Hypnosis”, levels 1, 2 & 3
    • Level 1 – 2 days / 16 hours: Discover hypnosis and its meaningful links with one’s inner spiritual quest. Supplies basic knowledge and provides practical self-hypnosis tools
    • Level 2 – 2 days / 16 hours: Hypnotherapeutic tools in a healing relationship with one another. (To attend this class, one needs to have followed Level 1)
    • Level 3 – 3 days / 24 hours: Hypnosis and Spirituality, using hypnotherapeutic tools to enhance inner capacities that fit one’s own life path. (To attend this class, one needs to have followed Level 1 & 2.)
    • An attendance certificate is issued for levels 1, 2 & 3.
    • Level 3 includes a final exam that leads to the certification of “Technician of Spiritual Hypnotherapy”.

  • Facilitations: The tools of BEING & Spiritual Hypnosis may also be used for facilitation processes between people, such as couples, families, groups, whatever the topics and/or circumstances.